About Trevor

author trevor salterTrevor Salter was born in Ramsgate, Kent, England. In 1969 his family migrated to Australia and have lived there ever since. In his schooling years he would constantly stretch the boundaries with his unique ability to draw, often at the teacher’s expense. This ability and talent enabled him to work in the artistic industry of screen printing where he quickly excelled completing his trade and also a diploma in freelance cartooning and illustration; he then studied media arts and animation.

Trevor has contributed his talents to many organisations including Government Branches such as the Red Cross, Disability Services Queensland, WR Black Resources and Life Line. He has also produced artwork and illustrations for Aussie World, Fisherman’s Wharf and Burke & Wills Roadhouse just to name a few. In 2001 Trevor started his own business called Blah Art focusing on cartoons, illustrations and artwork for industry, corporate, commercial, print media and private. His work continuously grows, finding its way into all kinds of mediums.

In 2006 Trevor became an Author, writing and illustrating a children’s book called Monsters Galore, which has also been adapted to stage. Trevor has been involved with presenting his work to young children ( prep to year 3) where he reads and discusses his books Monsters Galore and talks about the process of the printing and publishing as well as the development of the characters and illustrations.

He likes to get the children involved by drawing their descriptions of monsters in front of them with humorous results. Trevor has presented at Woodlands for the Ipswich Children’s Literacy Festival, Brisbane City Square Library and at various primary schools. His work has been exhibited in The Ipswich Library and Information Service and the Brisbane State Library alongside some of the countries greatest Illustrators and Cartoonists. He has illustrated books for Playtime Productions which gracefully led to his own book Monsters Galore being adapted for stage by Valerie Warwick.

The mask and mime play has been performed by Ormiston College and Hatton Vale State School by the prep classes with outstanding positive results. He currently resides in Hatton Vale, Queensland where he continues to write stories, create artwork, Illustrations and Cartoons.