Update: Monsters Galore 3: Blakks Back!

Quick update!

I’m currently working away on the third and final book in the Monsters Galore book series, called ‘Monsters Galore: Blakks Back’. I’ve been busy changing publishers and working with the book production team to create the re-release editions of Monsters Galore.

Exciting news that has my spots changing colours, is for the first time the whole Monsters Galore series will available in eBook! They’ll be available on Amazon Kindle and iPad using the Kindle app, then follow with availability at other online retailers.

I wasn’t sure about the whole eBook thing at first, but having seen the huge surge of eBook adoption in the last year and how the books have been formatted so well to match the layout of the print books. So I’m a definitely now a convert.

I’m developing new activities as well as considering filming a “behind the scenes” video of my lair where I draw and create all my books.

Well I best get back to it.

Stay tuned!


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