Monsters Galore Books


Monsters Galore: Book 1

A Modern Moonlight Mystery of Monstrous Make-Believe!

Monsters Galore is the first book in a series and a delightful tale for children all over. Written in rhyme accompanied by colourful illustrations, Monsters Galore is a fun and imaginative exploration into the world of children’s monsters.

Have monsters ever been happy or have they always been scary?

Find out as this monstrous mystery unfolds for two children Ben and Kate, who one night many, many years ago invite the monsters to a party under Ben’s bed.

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More Monsters Galore: Book 2

A monstrous story of mischievous mayhem and mystery continues!

More Monsters Galore…the second instalment in the Monsters Galore series is an imaginative masterpiece and a delightfully fun tale for children all over.

After being shooed and frightened away by Ben and Kate’s mother many years ago, the monsters vowed to get their revenge.

As the years passed Ben and Kate grew up, both married and had children of their own. Meanwhile the monsters had been concocting a monstrous big plan.

On Christmas Eve the whole family will gather at Ben’s house … and so will the monsters. It will be the perfect time for the monsters to put their plan into action.

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